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Our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist can offer the following services in your home:

  • Batteries

  • Disinfectant dryer

  • Electric dryer

  • Remote controls

  • Bluetooth

  • Signia/Siemens

  • ReSound

  • Unitron

  • Phonak

  • Starkey

  • Rexton

  • Oticon

You can get hearing aid batteries (Zinc / Air Sizes 10A, 312, 13, or 675), a  60 battery carton for only $35.00. Check our promotions and specials for more accessories. You will get the latest technology in hearing aids and accessories from leading companies. Call us today.

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You will find a variety of accessories, batteries, remotes, and more at Reliable Hearing Solutions. These accessories will work with your hearing instruments and enable you to get the best hearing quality. We have all the products and services that fits within your budget and lifestyle to improve your hearing.

Hearing aid accessories at affordable prices

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Unbelievable offers for hearing aid batteries

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  • Testing to understand your hearing levels

  • Video Otoscopy shows a view inside your ear canal

  • A comprehensive consultation to discuss your hearing results and options

Choose us to get FREE cleanings, FREE adjustments, and FREE In-home hearing care.

Dehumidifier hearing aid accessories