Welcome to Reliable Hearing Solutions!

Reliable Hearing Solutions makes better hearing affordable. We carry a variety of digital hearing aids to suit all types of hearing loss, life styles, and budgets. Our hearing instruments are from the leaders in the industry, including Siemens, Unitron, ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, and Rexton.

We Make Hearing Affordable
Our hearing instruments are priced about half the Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price. This can save you hundreds…even thousands of dollars.

In-Home Hearing Aid Service
Serving Central and Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio from our DuBois, PA base office, we have built our practice around service to our clients. All services are provided in the patient’s home by a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. We offer:

  • Hearing Testing to determine your hearing levels.
  • Video Otoscopy, which allows you to see the inside of your ear canal.
  • Comprehensive Consultation regarding your results and options for help.

All hearing aids are covered by our Customer Service Plan which includes:

  • Free In-Home Service Calls
  • Free Personalized Programming
  • Free Cleanings And Adjustments
  • Free Annual Hearing Checks

There is NEVER a charge for services or repairs to our hearing aids which can be performed on site! Reliable Hearing Solutions accepts many insurances. Major credit cards are accepted. Payment plans are available to qualified buyers..

Latest Digital Hearing Technology
We are constantly introducing the latest in digital hearing technology. Click here to learn about the exciting developments in hearing help!