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Enjoy 30-60% OFF on retail pricing when you buy hearing aids from us. We do not charge for repairs that can be made on-site.

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Why stop the activities you enjoy? Get reconnected with a variety of digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers like Signia, Unitron, ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, and Rexton. Our instruments are priced about half the manufacturer's list price. Choose us to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

Check out the variety of hearing aids

  • RIC (receiver-in-canal)

  • Open-fit

  • Full shell

  • Canal

  • CIC (completely-in-canal)

Advanced technology will help you overcome hearing loss

  • Adaptive Directional Microphones

  • Automatic Feedback Cancellation

  • Automatic Noise Reduction system

  • Wireless Technology

  • Bluetooth®

  • Frequency Lowering

  • Rechagable


While Automatic Feedback Cancellation reduces and eliminates squealing sounds, Adaptive Directional Microphones automatically adjust to your current environment to improve your clarity of communication. Unwanted background noise will be analyzed and separated from incoming signals by Automatic Noise Reduction system.


If you need to use two hearing aids, Wireless Technology enables them to communicate with each other for binaural hearing, sound localization, harmonized volume, and improved hearing in noisy environments. You will be able to hear sounds directly from a TV, iPod, and cell phone with the help of Bluetooth technology and just a remote control. If you are suffering from a severe high-frequency hearing loss, there may be help. Frequency Lowering Technology converts high frequency sounds to a lower and audible range.

Affordable Hearing Aids Just For You

  • FREE personalized programming

  • FREE cleanings and adjustments

  • FREE annual hearing checks

Our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist can provide all our services without you having to leave the comfort of your home.

Check out our promotional products

You can buy a set of Unitron Hearing Instruments, complete with Directional Mics, Anti-Feedback Suppression, and Telephone Coil for only $1500 when you mention our promotional offer (This offer can end without notice). Speak to us about your requirements today.

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